December 5, 2021


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Palay farmgate price declines .4{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} in last 7 days of October

THE Typical farmgate cost of palay, or unmilled rice, fell .4{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} week-on-7 days to P15.36 for each kilogram in the fourth 7 days of Oct, with the selling price down 1.4{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} 12 months-on-yr, the Philippine Figures Authority (PSA) mentioned.

In its weekly update on palay, rice, and corn price ranges, the PSA explained the typical wholesale rate of very well-milled rice rose .2{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P37.57 even though the retail price tag rose .1{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P41.48.

The normal wholesale price of standard-milled rice rose .1{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P33.47 although the retail cost fell .3{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P36.58.

The farmgate selling price of yellow corn grain fell .3{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} 7 days-on-7 days to P11.83.

The average wholesale price tag of yellow corn grain fell .5{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P19.35 when the retail price fell .1{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P24.53.

The farmgate rate of white corn grain fell .9{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} 7 days on week to P12.90.

The regular wholesale price of white corn grain fell .4{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P16.09 whilst the retail selling price fell 2.2{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P24.93.

The PSA released a few weeks’ worth of knowledge in its most recent update.

In the 2nd 7 days of October, the normal farmgate price tag of palay fell 1.6{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} week-on-week to P15.51 per kilogram. The rate fell 1.2{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} from a 12 months before.

The farmgate selling price of yellow corn grain rose .2{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P11.87, although the farmgate cost of white corn grain fell 2.5{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P12.88.

For the duration of the third week of October, the farmgate selling price of palay fell .6{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} week-on-week to P15.42, with the price down 1.5{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} from a 12 months earlier.

The farmgate value of yellow corn grain was flat at P11.87 whilst the farmgate selling price of white corn grain rose 1.1{903a53f4159fdac5aec44387a54014242c3e5a28574ffe78c2df1112b2cc2caa} to P13.02. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave